Oh hey… I’m still here.

My life is an ever-evolving slightly chaotic collection of coffee-fueled days and working until I fall asleep on my computer nights, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I haven’t written a blog post for this site in many moons, but just a little bit ago I sent in two blog posts for two other blogs that I ghost-write. My coffeeandquirks instagram posts have dropped off a bit in quantity, but I’m currently managing the social media accounts for four different businesses. I haven’t done much watercolor lettering of late, but I’ve created two lettered t-shirt designs for an anti-bullying company. So while this little personal project has been rather quiet, my various levels of creativity have certainly been exercised lately. And honestly, I love it. Yes, when added to my full-time day job it means I work A LOT, but it’s also all of the things I really love to do.

Recently, I was invited to a local art showcase and I was SO excited. After researching the event a little more I chose not to participate, but it did cause me to really think about my art in a different way. I’ve always thought of my art and creative pursuits as a bit disjointed–everything from lettering to galaxy paintings to creative writing to the occasional freelance makeup artistry. It honestly doesn’t seem to go together at all. When I thought about how I would display it all side by side and what that might look like I realized that that’s sort of the beauty of art. You can take a pretty hand-lettered canvas and put it beside a galaxy girl and have a photograph of body art beside it and it flows simply because it was all created with the same passion for artistry and creativity. Everything I create, from my chalkboards to my blog posts, is in some way an expression of myself.

I’ve read the advice many times before that it’s better to specialize than it is to try to “do too much” but y’all that’s just never going to be me. I am passionate about TOO many things to ever just focus on ONE. So, while this blog may not be a forever project–my creative pursuits certainly will. Stay tuned in the next couple of months for a new site launch for my official business •Quirks Creative• and if you don’t already, give my business page a like on insta (instagram.com/quirkscreative).

xo Kas

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